Category and Section Scores

Category Scores:

In the image above, we can see the 4 Categories that are used to conduct our store assessment. The Categories are Customer Service, Food Quality, Restaurant Cleanliness, Safety and Sanitation. Overall, we can see that our stores are performing just below the organizational averages.  

Specifically, if we hover over one of the Categories we can see the exact scores (%) to compare them to the company. Notice how our Food Quality performance (85.4%) is below the organizational average (93.13%).

Section Scores:

Just to the right of the Category area, a similar view will display information for your assessment  Sections. The same logic will apply throughout the graph where you can view your own scores (bar graph) and the organizational scores (line graph).

Pro Tip: Clicking the three small dots in the top right corner will allow you to isolate specific Categories/Sections.

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