How to Create a Yes/No Task

You are now ready to begin creating your Tasks! This is the final step in building your Assessment. 

There are multiple task types, however this article will focus on Y/N tasks. 

1) Start by selecting a Section. In this example we will be adding tasks to the 'Bathrooms' section, which is located in our 'Cleanliness' category.


2) Click the 'Create' button to make your first task.


3) In the new window, select the Task type then click 'Next'.


4) Next, give your task a 'Name', and enter scores for the Yes and No values. In this example the task name is 'Floor Tiles are Clean' and the 'Yes' score is 2 while the 'No' score is 0. When you're finished, click 'OK' to save the task. 


5) Repeat the steps above to create additional tasks!

Pro Tip: Use the filters at the top of the page to easily jump between different Categories and Sections.

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