New Mobile Application for Apple iPhone!

Now You Can Conduct Assessments Using Your Phone

We have officially launched the new version of our mobile application, now compatible with Apple iPhone.

For iPads, simply go to the Apple App Store and update your application

For iPhones, go to the the Apple App Store and download the MeazureUp Audit App 

Going forward, you will now be able to conduct all your assessments using either your iPhone or iPad making it even easier than ever before. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the application. 

Some other highlights for this update include: 

  • Individual tasks can now be used to record answers relating to date, task duration, and multiple choice inputs.
  • Ability to attach gallery images from your phone into each task in addition to live camera pictures. 
  • Specific tasks can be marked as Critical.
  • Once a Comment or Action Plan has been added, a small notification icon will appear beside the task
  • If a task has any information under the Info icon, a small icon will appear beside the task to prompt the user to check the tab.
  • If multiple images are being uploaded, the Submit Assessment page will show a data usage tracker with upload time. This will allow users to understand the amount of data the application is using to submit. 
  • Ability to select or deselect task input.
  • Manager's signature is now optional.

Feel free to book a quick 10 minute review session here.


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