How to Create a New User

This article will walk you through adding a new user into your account (which will automatically send them login details), as well as how to assign that user to individual or multiple locations. 

Under Configuration select Users, which will display the names, email addresses, and assigned locations (by clicking Roles).

1) Under the Name heading, type the user's full name.

2) Under the Email heading, type the email address that you would like to add. (Please ensure there are no spaces before/after the address as this may cause an error).

3) Under the Access heading, click Roles... a new window will appear:

4) From the dropdown, you can see the different role options available. Select the one that best fits the user you are creating. Once you have selected a role, click the Plus icon. This will display a list of all your locations.

5) Click select all to assign the user to all of your available locations OR manually check off the individual locations. Feel free to search/filter by physical address, brand, or alias name.

6) When you are finished, click the Save button, then hit Close

7) The last and most important step is to click the green Create button. 

The user will now receive an email with login information to the MeazureUp system. You can track whether or not a user has logged into their account (for the first time) by using the colored icons as a reference. Orange means they have not yet logged in, and Blue means they have.

Pro Tip: For users who have not successfully gained access to their account (for the first time), or perhaps they deleted the initial 'Welcome to MeazureUp' email by accident, you can always re-send their login information by clicking the resend button next to their account. Once a user's icon is blue, you can no longer re-send their login information; instead they will need to reset their password.


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