Audit Tasks

If you scroll down to the bottom, a list of tasks are shown. Tasks in red indicate a failed task.

Each task will indicate the Category, and Section that they came from along with their total point allocation. You can also see which tasks were deemed N/A, as they are greyed out and will not affect overall scoring.

In addition, you can also use the search box (filter) in the top right to find the specific task that you are looking for, without digging through one by one.

One thing to note is that you can also see which specific tasks had comments and images attached to them. In this example below, you can see the words “Guest greeting” and "Does it appear clean?" in blue, signifying that there is more information attached to that task.

Below is an image of what appears after clicking on the blue writing. You can see the category, section and the comment “Great Job!!” from the Guest Greeting task.

Pro Tip: To quickly pull a lists of all failed tasks, simply click on 'Input' or 'Score' to filter the tasks.

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