How to Print (and download PDF)

1) Once inside the location's Assessment Report, you will see a 'Print' button. 

2) Click the "Print" icon, and the Audit Report will be converted into a printer friendly format. 

3) You will notice 3 small icons at the top right when in print mode (see below). This will allow you to set the image size which can be small medium or large depending on your preference. 

3) Print as you would normally with any online document. (File>Print)

4) To download a PDF to your computer, instead of printing select the 'Save as PDF' option and click Save.


The above image was taken using Google Chrome. Saving PDFs may vary from browser to browser.

Pro Tip: To download a PDF of a specific Category (rather than the entire report), simply click on the Category name. This will isolate the corresponding sections and tasks, so when you go to 'Print', the resulting report will contain only the selected Category. 

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