How to Complete an Assessment

1) Once you have finished the Assessment you will see a cumulative score at the top of the screen. Also, below each blue category box, you can see a progress line illustrating the completion.

2) Click the “Submit Assessment” button in the bottom right when you are ready to submit. 

3) Here you will see any action plans you created during the assessment. Feel free to 'edit' these actions before signing and submitting.

4) In the large boxes, signatures must be written and saved by clicking the Save button. This is required for the Auditor signature, while the Manager signature is optional.  

5) Once signatures are complete, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen. After clicking Submit, a confirmation screen will appear. Click "Yes" to submit the assessment. In the case where not all of your tasks have been completed, the system will notify you (as seen below). This is to help avoid any incomplete assessments being submitted through.

After submitting, all of the appropriate users (auditor, store owner, superusers etc) will automatically receive an email report as a notification.

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