Responding to Action Plans from a Mobile Device

Looking to respond to actions on the go? We have you covered.

In the steps below, we will demonstrate how to navigate from the email report to the assessment report using a mobile device.

1) From the email report (which you should receive automatically), scroll to the bottom and click 'Detailed Assessment'. This will open up your default mobile web browser and take you directly to the assessment. In some cases you may be taken to the login screen depending on when you were last active.

2) Click 'Actions' to view a list of any action plans detailed during the assessment.

3) From the Actions page, you can click on the orange indicators to close/complete an action.

4) A dialog window will pop up confirming your decision to close/open this action. Click OK!

Optional: Adding Comments or Images to an Action

1) Click on the + symbol located on the Action.

2) To add a comment, type in the text box. To add an image, click the photo icon and upload an image from your camera library. When you are finished, click 'Add'.

Pro Tip: In some cases the task name may be hidden due to its length. To view the entire task name, click 'Show More'.

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