How to Fix 'Could not geolocate device'

By default, any completed assessment should have an address location, as well as a device location. This will show up on the audit report and can be used to verify accuracy. 

In some cases, when the audit device cannot determine your physical location you might see a message like this: 'Could not geolocate device'. The following steps will help identify some common issues around geolocation:

  1. First, verify that your device settings are correct.
    1. For iOS devices: Click on Settings > Privacy > Location Services and ensure your location services are switched on.
    2. On Android devices: Click on Settings > Apps > MeazureUp and click Permissions. Ensure the 'Location' service is switched on.
    3. Next, scroll down and click on 'MeazureUp'. Verify that you have selected 'While Using the App'. 
    4. Exit out of the settings. On your next assessment, verify that the device location is appearing on the report after submitting.
  2. If you are still having issues, please try the following:
    1. When submitting an assessment, verify that you are using a strong data or wifi connection. (Ex: If there is only 1 bar of signal strength, the device may have issues determining your location). 
    2. Avoid areas with weak connectivity such as Walk-In Freezers. Try submitting the assessment near the hotspot where the connection is stronger. If you are using a data connection (instead of wifi), try standing outside of the building. 

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