How to Resend a Verification Email

In some cases, a new user may have deleted their 'Welcome to MeazureUp' verification email, which includes their username and a temporary password to log in. If this happens, any superuser will have the ability to resend that verification email by following the steps below:

1) Navigate to Configuration>Users, and hover over the account you wish to resend the verification email to. Beneath the Action header, you will see a 'Resend' button appear:

2) Click 'Resend' to send that user a 'Welcome to MeazureUp' email, which will include a new temporary password for them to verify their account:

Please note: This can only be performed on users who have not verified their account (the user's icon should be orange/unverified). This means they have never logged in to the dashboard, which can also be helpful to know as the account administrator. 

If you require a new password and have already verified your account, please see instructions on how to reset your password: Click here.

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