How to Add Canned Comments to a Task

Canned Comments can be configured on any task to help better understand why a specific task has failed. This will allow the account administrator to program predefined comments that the auditor can select from.

Here's how Canned Comments work:

  • A 'superuser' can configure canned comments on a task-by-task basis.
  • When an auditor is conducting an assessment, they will have the ability to select one of the canned comments rather then having to enter in a comment manually. 

1. First, you'll need to edit the task you wish to add canned comments to (click the pencil icon).

2. Then, click 'Comments' and begin to add your canned comments. To add multiple comments, click the add button. 

3. When you are finished, click back, then OK to save the task. 

Here's what the end result will look like on the Mobile Application:

For more information on how to access canned comments from the mobile app, click here.

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