Email Summary Report

Our email report allows users to view a brief summary of the most recent inspection. This is an automatic email that is triggered when an assessment is completed at one of your assigned locations. You can view details such as device geolocation, start and end times, scores compared to the previous assessment, repeat offences and a list of action plans.

Below are the different components to the email report:

Here we can view important information that includes Store Name/Alias, Store Address, Device Address, Start/End times , Assessment Name, and the User who conducted the inspection.

Above are the scoring details. Percentages highlighted in orange indicate a lower score than the previous assessment (at the same location). Green scores are improvements from the most recent 

Actions Plans and Repeat Offences are conveniently located in the email report itself. This allows you to identify areas of improvement, without the need to log into the WebApp dashboard. 

In the image above, you will notice a button called, “detailed assessment”. Clicking this button will automatically launch the online web dashboard and assessment report, allowing you to view your repeat offences and close out action plans. 

Please note: These emails are triggered automatically when an assessment is completed. While we don't have the capability to re-send these emails, you can always download a copy (PDF) of the report if you wish to email it manually.

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