How to Cancel an Assessment

Cancelling an Assessment will erase all of your current inspection data, which will allow you to start from scratch. If you recently spent a few hours conducting an inspection, you will want to avoid cancelling the assessment as your data cannot be recovered. 

In some cases, the account manager may have made some changes to the current assessment (such as tasks, scoring etc.) which are not reflecting on the mobile application. Most of the time, this is a result of having a 'pending' assessment on the device. In order to clear the current assessment and see the latest version of your list, you will need to cancel the assessment. This will automatically download the most up-to-date assessment to your device.

1) From the Category page, click 'Cancel'. A dialog window will appear asking for your confirmation. 

2) Type the words 'Delete' into the text box using your device keyboard.

3) Click 'okay' to delete the active/pending assessment. This will clear all of the current scores, and will allow you to start a new assessment using the most up-to-date version of your inspection form.

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