Using a Bluetooth Thermometer

We are now compatible with Cooper Atkins 'Blue2' Bluetooth Thermometer. 

Once you have enabled bluetooth on specific tasks, you are ready to conduct temperature control checks using your bluetooth thermometer. For more information on configuring temperature tasks for your assessments, click here.

Before you begin, please turn on bluetooth for your device.

1) Navigate to your bluetooth enabled temperature tasks. You will notice the green thermometer icon:

2) Ensure your thermometer is powered on, then double click the temperature task with one finger. After a second or two, the device will automatically populate the temperature readings:

3) To disconnect (automatically power off) the thermometer, simply click on the back button (arrow at the top left) OR click on the home button of the device (this will also exit the app). 

Pro Tip: The Cooper Atkins thermometer will automatically shut off after 10 seconds of inactivity. A green flashing light indicates the thermometer is powered on, but does not yet have an active connection. A blue flashing light will appear after the first task has been triggered (by double clicking the task). This means the thermometer is connected to your device and you can proceed by assessing multiple items in a row.

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