How to Create a Bluetooth Temperature Task

Our mobile application allows you to probe items with your bluetooth thermometer to ensure accuracy. To learn more about using bluetooth tasks in the field, click here.

1) Create a new Task. If you need a refresher on this, click here.

2) Select 'Input' as the Task Type.


3) Next, give your task a Name. In this example we will set the unit to 'F' for Fahrenheit. This 'F' will display beside the task when conducting an assessment.

Now we can set our Score and Value. For this temperature task we have stated: Set the score to equal 5, when the value (temperature) is less than 32F, AND set the score to equal 0 when the value is greater than 32F.

4) Finally, to enable bluetooth on this task, simply click the 'Temperature' button at the top. Once selected, it will highlight in blue.

5) Click Ok to save the Task.

As a general rule of thumb, please verify that you have a minimum of 2 rules per task. (Ex: Yes=5 and No=0 OR Score=5 when value is <32 and Score=0 when value is >32). This ensures that the task will pass and fail as intended.

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